Thursday, May 27, 2010

yes we can!

oh shit! the residence(our van) started working again today... about 15 minutes before a tow truck was comming to take it away to a farm where it could play with other broken down vans for ever and ever. Guess all of the obama stickers inspired the residence to embrace the audacity of hope. YES WE CAN!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

all for the best

the other night I was at a rather awkward show. the second band of the night was a band called all for the best(surrey/langley youth assault!) playing their first show ever. they covered wrist rocket by kid dynamite and it was wonderful.

fun fact: Mike Jurek(slingshot/progression/tightrope/all around good dude) is the older brother of stephanie who happens to play guitar in this band. COOOOOOL!

serious giggin'

oh man! there is a sweet show comming up at the start of june with a seriously stacked line up. we are lucky enough to be playing with:
SOUL CONTROL - Rhode Island ragers

ANOTHER BREATH - melodic goodness from Syracuse NY

VACANT STATE - aggro dudes who are too cool for the internet

CIRCLES - the almighty dave mac and his sexy hair

TFD brings vancouver another all ages hardcore joint. But seriously! how awesome is this show going to be(the answer is very awesome). sorry about the small picture of the poster but I couldn't find a bigger picture of it even though I have a stack of these posters in my bag. If this show isn't enough awesome for you for one night afterwards Ill Intent are playing at some bar down the street.

p.s. why doesn't this poster have the tfd dog on it?


Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is Andrew, you may know him better as Buzz Killington. He plays drums in tongue tied. this is him full of steam!


this is the tongue tied blog. myspace is stupid and I don't like using it so I'm going to just post random tongue tied related things on here. In case you didnt know we are a hardcore band from North Vancouver and you can download our demo here.