Monday, December 27, 2010


This January we will begin recording new songs and playing a couple of sweet shows. We are very excited, So excited infact that Matt has doubled in size!

photo by Jakob Knudsen


A Benefit for "100 shows for haiti" which is organized by Greg Bennick(Trial/Between Earth & Sky/Les Gants).
"The greatest humanitarian catastrophe in the western hemisphere took place almost a year ago, and the people of Haiti are still struggling to survive. The earthquake of January 12th left hundreds of thousands dead, homeless, without access to clean water, and without medical care. This coming January, activists and artists from around the world are working together to put on simultaneous events on and around January 12th, to raise money for two Haitian relief organizations. Learn more about what you can do to help. Let's support the Haitian people as they use their ingenuity and passion to transform their nation."


Vacant State (Vancouver's Sweethearts. 80's Hardcore done right. On Deranged Records.)
Ringleader (Edmonton Hardcore. Heavy stuff. Reminds me of The Hope Conspiracy. Awesome.
Tempest (Vancouver's local pop sensation! Heavy.
Tongue Tied (THATS US!
Jelly Boyz (Langley Crew still on top. Rumour has it that Jillian LOVES the name! )

Friday, January 7, 2010
$10 (money for touring band and a good cause)
Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:30 PM

Word on the street:


Devotion (Kram's riff machine is back again! For fans of Soundgarden, Damnation AD, Go It Alone, and rock music.
Give (REACT RECORDS brethren from Maryland. For fans of Swiz and DC hardcore. Rock!
Tongue Tied (Not these guys again, members of the reserve 34 fan club
Wild Craving$ (Is that even their name still? Heavy as fuck D-Beat style hardcore with members of Dichotomy, Tempest, and a guy in a Uniform Choice shirt.)

7:00 PM

Please come out and support touring punk rock.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


We are playing a show, it is going to be great!
Run With The Hunted
Metallic Hardcore from Arizona with a new record out on Panic Records. Good dudes.

Lush Vegetation
80s style Hardcore for fans of The FU's, Jerry's Kids, etc.

Tongue Tied
Thats Us!

Green Hell
Surrey Crew Hardcore. Alex Schollen slappin' da bass.

DOORS AT 7:00, SHOW AT 8:00.

Support all ages Hardcore. Up the punx.


Thirsty people take note, Their will be a juice bar!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What have we been doing lately?...

... We haven't been doing doing much the past couple months. Just writing new songs whenever our schedules accommodate it. We have a show or two coming up, details will be announced once everything is confirmed. Hopefully this winter we will be recording so stay tuned for that, I know I'm excited.

as a reward for stopping by and reading this check out this grade 8 yearbook picture of our bass player Bojangles! Dude hasn't aged a bit.
(the dude on the left is NVPR legend Matt Face, brother of Buzz Killington)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Nothing new to report on our end, We played with devotion a couple weeks ago. Headbanging ensued, it was great. When asked: "If you were a giant and everything was really really really big, How could you tell you were a giant" Matt Jolliffe replied by saying "Obviously your pants would be size XXXXXXL" clearly Matt is a genius.

Also, check out this video, An accurate representation of life in North Vancouver:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This coming wednesday!

not much to report from us other than Buzz broke his drum throne at practice mid song(a truly hilarious moment) and we lost Matty B but later found him. Glad to have our Matt back in one piece!


from the mouth of the almighty dave mac himself:
"Wednesday September 22nd 
@ La Casa Del Artista

Vacant State (this is hardcore)
Lush Vegetation (vancouver assholes)
Devotion (Kram-a-lam-a-first show)
Cuckolds (ex Reserve 34, DBS, The Redlight Sting, Nadir, Kid Icarus, The Self Esteem Project, Thibault, Hooray For Everything, 12 Gauge)
Tongue Tied (vancouver new blood) 

7pm $10
come party"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

oh yeah!

This show is going to be great.Cuckold are playing featuring matt smith of reserve 34(cooooooool alright!), lush veg, vacant state and of course DEVOTION, mark palms awesome solo project post go it alone. it will be devotions first show ever and we are pumped to be playing.
we made a post a couple weeks ago about this show, but now we have a poster! oh yeah!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The top image is the fantastic Vancouver Canucks shirt and below is Hunter wearing the cat shirt. Isn't it cool? Here's a testimonial from him regarding the shirt:
‎"Before owning a set to go cat shirt girls never used to pay attention to me. but since getting a set to go cat shirt for one easy payment of $10.00(plus s/h) girls know briefly glance at my shirt before deciding to not pay attention to me. THANKS SET TO GO! you have changed my life!" - Hunter Stephen

I don't actually have a real image of someone wearing this shirt, but I just wanted everyone to know how awesome it is. It really really is amazing. I think you want one. The font was changed. It's in comic sans for extra awesomeness. Sorry for promoting my other band on one of my bands "blogs". I guess that makes me lame...or incredibly cool. STG is going to record a 7" this fall. Will you buy it? I hope so.

This band has been working on writing new shit so we don't have to continuously play our demo over and over again at shows. I'm happy about this. I've made a plan that Hunter vaguely knows about. I don't think Buzz or Matt do though, but now the INTERNET WILL. We're going to record sometime soon and probably do a 7". Do you want to help us put it out? We can give you sexual favours. After the record we're going to record again with our friend Sam MacDonald and do another tape. It'll be keen.

We're playing a show Friday and Saturday. You should come.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 house shows

on the 27th we are playing the alf haus (cool! alright!) lush veg are also playing but they arent on the poster(yet) and maybe 1 other band? who knows.
woolworm - north van blanket rock
tongue tied - heh heh heh heh heh heh
green hell - dylan and dave from slingshot + alex and justen
lush veg - ex blue monday/about to snap playing early 80's style hc

on the 28th we are playing north van. I honestly dont really know much about this show other than the fact we are playing. COOL!
"The 3rd epic house show at gong house. Every show keeps getting better, and this one will be even epicerer!
It's a free show, but donations are encouraged, we'll have a jar after each band. The doors are at 7 to 8 so try and show up early.
The line up so far looks like this."

Glasgow smile
Tongue tied
Marco polio
Toxic Re

415 w 16th street North Vancouver. If your downtown, take the 240 over the lionsgate and get off at jones ave!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


long time friends tempest have just put out a new record on their label amputated limbs and have now embarked on a canadian tour with ghostlimb. check them out if they are playing near you and buy their record. I assure you it rages hard.
I am really happy to see a band that started out as a few of my friends playing way to loud has been able to evolve into one of the most talented tight and intense sounding bands and that i am fortunate enough to get to see them quite often.


August 12 The Troyler Victoria, BC
August 13 Bully’s New Westminster, BC
August 14 Allendale Hall Edmonton, AB
August 15 The New Black Calgary, AB
August 16 The Club Regina, SK
August 17 Rudolph Rocker CC Winnipeg, MB /w PUNCH (CA) !!
August 18 Kilroys Thunder Bay, ON
August 19 Myths and Mirrors Sudbury, ON
August 20 Soybomb Toronto, ON
August 21 YMCA Youth Centre Welland, ON
August 22 Off
August 23 279 Flora St Ottawa, ON *
August 24 Data Cave Loft Montreal, QC *

* = CREEPER instead of GHOSTI

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We are playing some shows!

We played Van Isle Fest last weekend. It was awesome. Thanks Victoria! We have a couple upcoming shows in the next month. One at the Alf House on August 27th and one at Casa Bonita with DEVOTION on September 22nd! Figured I'd do a little update on here considering we never look at our myspace. I really don't like myspace. Do you like myspace?

Anyways, we have t-shirts. You should buy them so that we can make more t-shirts. Also my other band Set To Go made t-shirts. They're pretty slick. One of them has a big cat on it with a ball of yarn. You should buy that too.

I love everyone!

Matt Jewish!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


oh shit! day 1 is only 2 sleeps away. so many good bands are playing!
we play on day 2

Monday, July 12, 2010


our friends woolworm have a bunch of new songs for your listening pleasure, you should really go check them out here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Adult

Nothing new in the world of tongue tied. the show with Damages, Maus, Tempest and All For The Best last friday was awesome! great vibes all around and every band played great.
Instead of posting Tongue Tied news(which there is none of at this time) I felt compelled to talk about a band called So Adult from bellingham. We first had the pleasure of hearing this band when we got to play a show with them in bellingham a few months ago. They play sort of 90's styled alt rock that reminds me of seaweed, the gin blossoms and R.E.M. I cant stop listening to the rookie tape and highly recomend anyone with good taste in music check them out.
p.s. they feature a member of shook ones

here is a video from the show we saw them at(stolen from youtube):

NEWS FLASH!!! so adult made a music video!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hot off the press!

We have entered the world of sweet shirts, the cbc design is pretty obvious. the other shirt is an unused reserve 34 design that mattsmith from reserve 34(duh) let us use. we like it... alot
matt takes horrible pictures.

go to this show next week:
A tasty palette of all ages hardcore in new westminster that could pull even the most dedicated scientists away from their studies!

Friday June 18th all ages show
at Bully's studio - 67 6th street New West (a few blocks away from the sky train station
MAUS - From edmonton (ham bobertson used to sing for this band!)
Tempest New Wests purveyors of all things LOUD
Damages the wrath of carl!
Tongue Tied
All For The Best - Kids from the other side of the river

doors will be at 7pm
cost is $8
go order a shahi paneer pizza from royal hut half a block up the street from bully's. you will thank me later.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


the soul control/another breath show is tonight! go to it and get down with some suddenly science!!!!1111oneoneone

"raccoons are the smartest scientists on land"- Matt Jolliffe

Thursday, May 27, 2010

yes we can!

oh shit! the residence(our van) started working again today... about 15 minutes before a tow truck was comming to take it away to a farm where it could play with other broken down vans for ever and ever. Guess all of the obama stickers inspired the residence to embrace the audacity of hope. YES WE CAN!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

all for the best

the other night I was at a rather awkward show. the second band of the night was a band called all for the best(surrey/langley youth assault!) playing their first show ever. they covered wrist rocket by kid dynamite and it was wonderful.

fun fact: Mike Jurek(slingshot/progression/tightrope/all around good dude) is the older brother of stephanie who happens to play guitar in this band. COOOOOOL!

serious giggin'

oh man! there is a sweet show comming up at the start of june with a seriously stacked line up. we are lucky enough to be playing with:
SOUL CONTROL - Rhode Island ragers

ANOTHER BREATH - melodic goodness from Syracuse NY

VACANT STATE - aggro dudes who are too cool for the internet

CIRCLES - the almighty dave mac and his sexy hair

TFD brings vancouver another all ages hardcore joint. But seriously! how awesome is this show going to be(the answer is very awesome). sorry about the small picture of the poster but I couldn't find a bigger picture of it even though I have a stack of these posters in my bag. If this show isn't enough awesome for you for one night afterwards Ill Intent are playing at some bar down the street.

p.s. why doesn't this poster have the tfd dog on it?


Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is Andrew, you may know him better as Buzz Killington. He plays drums in tongue tied. this is him full of steam!


this is the tongue tied blog. myspace is stupid and I don't like using it so I'm going to just post random tongue tied related things on here. In case you didnt know we are a hardcore band from North Vancouver and you can download our demo here.