Saturday, August 14, 2010


long time friends tempest have just put out a new record on their label amputated limbs and have now embarked on a canadian tour with ghostlimb. check them out if they are playing near you and buy their record. I assure you it rages hard.
I am really happy to see a band that started out as a few of my friends playing way to loud has been able to evolve into one of the most talented tight and intense sounding bands and that i am fortunate enough to get to see them quite often.


August 12 The Troyler Victoria, BC
August 13 Bully’s New Westminster, BC
August 14 Allendale Hall Edmonton, AB
August 15 The New Black Calgary, AB
August 16 The Club Regina, SK
August 17 Rudolph Rocker CC Winnipeg, MB /w PUNCH (CA) !!
August 18 Kilroys Thunder Bay, ON
August 19 Myths and Mirrors Sudbury, ON
August 20 Soybomb Toronto, ON
August 21 YMCA Youth Centre Welland, ON
August 22 Off
August 23 279 Flora St Ottawa, ON *
August 24 Data Cave Loft Montreal, QC *

* = CREEPER instead of GHOSTI

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