Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 house shows

on the 27th we are playing the alf haus (cool! alright!) lush veg are also playing but they arent on the poster(yet) and maybe 1 other band? who knows.
woolworm - north van blanket rock
tongue tied - heh heh heh heh heh heh
green hell - dylan and dave from slingshot + alex and justen
lush veg - ex blue monday/about to snap playing early 80's style hc

on the 28th we are playing north van. I honestly dont really know much about this show other than the fact we are playing. COOL!
"The 3rd epic house show at gong house. Every show keeps getting better, and this one will be even epicerer!
It's a free show, but donations are encouraged, we'll have a jar after each band. The doors are at 7 to 8 so try and show up early.
The line up so far looks like this."

Glasgow smile
Tongue tied
Marco polio
Toxic Re

415 w 16th street North Vancouver. If your downtown, take the 240 over the lionsgate and get off at jones ave!!!

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