Saturday, August 21, 2010

I don't actually have a real image of someone wearing this shirt, but I just wanted everyone to know how awesome it is. It really really is amazing. I think you want one. The font was changed. It's in comic sans for extra awesomeness. Sorry for promoting my other band on one of my bands "blogs". I guess that makes me lame...or incredibly cool. STG is going to record a 7" this fall. Will you buy it? I hope so.

This band has been working on writing new shit so we don't have to continuously play our demo over and over again at shows. I'm happy about this. I've made a plan that Hunter vaguely knows about. I don't think Buzz or Matt do though, but now the INTERNET WILL. We're going to record sometime soon and probably do a 7". Do you want to help us put it out? We can give you sexual favours. After the record we're going to record again with our friend Sam MacDonald and do another tape. It'll be keen.

We're playing a show Friday and Saturday. You should come.


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