Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Adult

Nothing new in the world of tongue tied. the show with Damages, Maus, Tempest and All For The Best last friday was awesome! great vibes all around and every band played great.
Instead of posting Tongue Tied news(which there is none of at this time) I felt compelled to talk about a band called So Adult from bellingham. We first had the pleasure of hearing this band when we got to play a show with them in bellingham a few months ago. They play sort of 90's styled alt rock that reminds me of seaweed, the gin blossoms and R.E.M. I cant stop listening to the rookie tape and highly recomend anyone with good taste in music check them out.
p.s. they feature a member of shook ones

here is a video from the show we saw them at(stolen from youtube):

NEWS FLASH!!! so adult made a music video!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hot off the press!

We have entered the world of sweet shirts, the cbc design is pretty obvious. the other shirt is an unused reserve 34 design that mattsmith from reserve 34(duh) let us use. we like it... alot
matt takes horrible pictures.

go to this show next week:
A tasty palette of all ages hardcore in new westminster that could pull even the most dedicated scientists away from their studies!

Friday June 18th all ages show
at Bully's studio - 67 6th street New West (a few blocks away from the sky train station
MAUS - From edmonton (ham bobertson used to sing for this band!)
Tempest New Wests purveyors of all things LOUD
Damages the wrath of carl!
Tongue Tied
All For The Best - Kids from the other side of the river

doors will be at 7pm
cost is $8
go order a shahi paneer pizza from royal hut half a block up the street from bully's. you will thank me later.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


the soul control/another breath show is tonight! go to it and get down with some suddenly science!!!!1111oneoneone

"raccoons are the smartest scientists on land"- Matt Jolliffe