Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We're (and by we're, I mean Rasputin) playing this Sunday at Red Gate with Promises from Victoria, Jelly Boyz, Woolworm (best band!), and Out of Sight (Chad who is straightedge started a band that is straightedge and this is their first show- it's neat!). After that, Buzz Killington is off to go work on a dirty lake somewhere for a few months so his brother, Matt Face (an all around stellar guy!) will be playing drums for us and doing lots of fun things while Buzz is covered in suet and on a dirty lake. It will be awesome.

We're also recording currently. It's been a long process considering people being in school makes shit all whack, but i'm going to be doing guitars soon, Bojanglidangles has already done bass, Buzz has done drums, so it's just Cunter and I, so I guess that's pretty cool right? Then we're going to make a record because that is the coolest thing a person in a hardcore band could do right?

Does anyone every actually read this thing?


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